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From Startups to High Growth Private and Public Companies to SEC Law Firms and Corporate Advisors

Why Clients Choose WallStreetWriter

Raising Capital

Companies looking to the capital markets to raise needed funding to execute their business-building strategies and accelerate their growth must be prepared to stand-out from the thousands of other companies intent on accessing the same investment capital. Therefore, it is mission critical that business executives and entrepreneurs, alike, provide investors with an in-depth understanding of the proposed investment opportunity in a professional, well-conceived and straight forward manner. Moreover, it is vital that business plans, fact sheets, presentation decks and offering documents speak to investors in a language they understand, while also maintaining strict compliance with prevailing SEC disclosure rules and regulations.


Maintaining Meaningful, Ongoing Dialogue with Key Stakeholders

Responsible corporate leadership teams also recognize that it is essential to keep stakeholders well informed on all material developments at their companies through the use of press releases, financial filings, shareholder letters, blogs and newsletters. If they are not forthcoming with routine updates and proper perspective on their decision-making processes, there is a risk that stakeholders will lose confidence in management and trust may be compromised.


Preparing Complex, Legally Compliant Registration Statements and Private Placement Memorandums

SEC law firms are relied upon by private and public company issuers and their underwriters to produce the necessary offering documents relating to equity or debt offerings. These documents must accurately convey the investment opportunity, inherent risk factors, use of proceeds and detailed description of the issuer's business, market opportunities, marketing plans and competitive differentiation.


Teaming with WallStreetWriter

Based on over two decades of financial writing and management advisory experience, Dodi Handy, the consummate WallStreetWriter, intimately understands how to elegantly blend key corporate information with necessary marketing finesse and high impact visual appeal. The result is the delivery of sophisticated materials that speak to and effectively inform prospective investors, shareholders and investment professionals in a manner that serves to build and maintain investor fidelity and compel desired action.


Whether working directly with client companies or teaming with SEC law firms as an extension of their document drafting teams, Dodi is a professional financial writer and highly competent business adviser that can be depended on for crafting the words and capital markets strategies that get results.



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